Our expert team is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art solutions that solve some of today’s most critical IT challenges. We specialize in delivering groundbreaking technologies in the areas of Cybersecurity, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Power Grid, and Communications. We wield our passion for innovation to provide key enhancements to businesses and organizations around the globe.


Kentucky, Ohio, and many other states are requiring employees to perform health self-assessments prior to the beginning of their work day to verify they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. InfoBeyond’s online COVID-19 self-assessment system, Preworkscreen, allows employees to evaluate their health status in a way that is quick, easy, and safe. Furthermore, the system provides employers with up-to-date workforce health reports and automatically documents all the information companies need to prove compliance with reopening laws. Get back to work now, and make your company’s reopening transition as seamless as possible. Click here to sign up now.

Security Policy Tool

Are you familiar with the access control Faults (e.g., Privilege leakage) commonly hidden within access control policies that are identified by NIST (SP 800-192)? These Faults if left unfound create the perfect conditions for data breach, identity theft, and insider attack, e.g., Snowden NSA Leak. Security Policy Tool enables you to easily identify and then correct these access control errors before they cause damage to your organization. Help protect your company’s and customer’s data from cyber threats; Create, Edit, Model, Test, and Verify your access control policies with Security Policy Tool.


Have you ever been worried that your files in your online storage weren't fully secured? NXdrive is the state-of-the-art solution that makes storing your personal or business files online more secure than ever before. NXdrive is the first solution to integrate fragment-based storage, moving target defense, multi-layer encryption, and distributed network storage to provide extensive protection to your data files. It converts each file into secret pieces making it very difficult for hackers to gain valuable information compared to encryption alone. NXdrive is a pioneering solution against data breach, ransomware, and other cybersecurity attacks. Store and share your files online with confidence, sign up today with NXdrive.

CUBE: Risk Management Framework Rubik's CUBE

Are you architecting a cloud or information system for FISMA or NIST compliance? Do you want to assess if your system is FISMA or NIST compliance? CUBE is the right tool for you to do these. Specifically, CUBE is a Multi-Regulatory-Framework Architecture Tool (FISMA, NIST CSF, and CSA CCM). It helps you to leverage the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) to properly identify the NIST SP 800-53 security and privacy controls for an information system. These controls provide the Minimum Security Requirements to support the organization's missions and the services that the system is designed for. Click to learn more and signup now .

Big Data Streaming

Streaming massive data is not easy due to the diversity of applications. Our COMAND is a distributed and context-aware platform to accommodate a set of machine learning algorithms for collaborative learning. It is utilized as a graph embedding tool (EStreaming) for analyzing huge graphs (millions of nodes and billions of edges). It is prototyped for analyzing spatial - temporal data such as for ISR sensor networks, e.g., Navy ISR real-time monitoring.

flat mobile devices

Image R

Do you have incomplete dataset such as a badly corrupted image or sensing data with missing samples? The issue raised on these missing data is how we can optimally recover them, giving a partial dataset. ImageR is a software tool using learning and data compression to recover the missing ones. It can be used to refill the missing data entries in a Microsoft excel file or reconstruct a high quality image from a low quality one with missing pixels.