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SCRIPT: Safety Critical, Real-time, Intelligent Passenger Transport

Author:none     17-4-6 11:21    Viewnum:342  

Department of Transportation awards InfoBeyond to develop a SCRIPT app for providing railroad passenger information via smartphones to improve the passengers’ traveling experience with added value on train safety and security enhancement. Onboard train WiFi is enabled for traveling comfort as an attractive proposition for passenger loyalty.  Using commodity devices, SCRIPT integrates satellite and onboard wireless mesh networks for broadband data communications to enable always-on global Internet accessibility. It meanwhile opportunistically utilizes cellular networks to enhance the network throughput. SCRIPT provides PA (Public Address), PIS (Passenger Information System) display, KIOSK capabilities, onboard entertainment, real-time conductor interaction and other onboard services by means of passengers' smartphones.  For these PIS capabilities, SCRIPT designs a Common Interface which is a software module to smoothly interact with existing PIS systems of properties. The complexity of a variety system of property is hidden from SCRIP applications. Furthermore, SCRIPT provides PIS features for the persons with disabilities, such as the prioritized services, disability-friendly navigation, voice user interface, voice to text, and text to voice, etc. SCRIPT achieves the goals of low-cost, improved PIS services, enhanced the safety and security.


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