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AnomLoc: A perfSONAR-based Distributed Network Anomaly Detection and Localization

Author:none     17-2-12 19:17    Viewnum:173  

Data-intensive scientific applications incline to high performance computing which is getting more and more widespread in supercomputing centers, research laboratories, and universities. DoE and many organizations need an automatic and adaptive network analysis tool for effective anomaly detection and localization in the high speed network. Currently approaches, Pythia, APD, etc., are unable to provide such a function effectively, accurately, and user-friendly. Our AnomLoc is a novel Distributed Network Anomaly Detection and Localization solution for data-intensive-oriented networks. AnomLoc can be applied to DoE, government, R&E, and enterprise network for detecting and localizing the abnormal behaviors of the network traffic in a real-time and distributed manner. The R&E network consists of thousands of national and international research and education communities. It provides a globally collaborative environment allowing researchers to collaborate and work together wherever they are located. In U.S., the R&E network comprises ESnet, Internet2, universities and federal labs. It also includes GEANT in Europe, AfricaConnect in Africa, TEIN in Asia-Pacific, and RedCLARA in Latin America. AnomLoc enables new security protections via real-time high-speed network diagnosis. AnomLoc is supprted by Department of Energy. 


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