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Air Force Awards InfoBeyond on the Research of Cognitive SATCOM

Author:Admin     14-3-26 2:32    Viewnum:891  

Due to scarcity of spectrum, Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) becomes a needed technology to improve the utilization of electromagnetic spectrum for DoD satellite communication. However, current DSA approaches are developed for terrestrial communications without addressing the unique challenges for SATCOM environments such as error-prone spectrum sensing, high mobility, and large coverage. InfoBeyond advocates novel Efficient and Robust Dynamic Spectrum Access under Uncertainty (ERDSAU) algorithms. ERDSAU models the DSA in the SATCOM environment as a problem of Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP). Partial observation indicates that a LEO satellite is only able to sense a partial of spectrum channel. Under partial observation and imperfection awareness of channel, POMDP is an optimization problem that allows a LEO satellite to optimally take action on the spectrum channel. In a collaborative way, ERDSAU tracks each spectrum channel by a probability distribution over the set of possible states that is evaluated on a set of observations and observation probabilities and the underlying Markov decision process, providing high accuracy on decision making. Furthermore, ERDSAU prioritizes the LEO satellites in detecting spectrum holes to improve the resource allocation between multiple satellites. ERDSAU also provides computationally efficiency in response to change of spectrum status. 

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