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InfoBeyond Technology LLC takes on new and exciting projects each year specializing in the research and development of innovative technologies. InfoBeyond promotes your success as part of our team. We inspire you to learn, create, and contribute in a self-motivated and collaborative manner such that your returns are significant.

We pride ourselves on providing a work environment that brings out the very best in our team members. We are hiring professionals in a variety of different positions, please see below.

Position Title: Director of Cybersecurity Marketing and Sales

InfoBeyond developed state-of-art cybersecurity tools/products for enterprises (BFSI, Healthcare, Energy, IT, etc.) and governments for security enhancement. The duties and responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Analyze customer requirements, product values propositions, strengths, weaknesses, competitors, market trends, etc.;
  • Strategically make feasible market and sales objectives;
  • Identify the potential customers toward the market and sales objectives;
  • Plan, develop, implement, advertise, and approach the marketing and sales objectives;
  • Identify marketing opportunities;
  • Collaborate with Engineers to customize the product for the customers’ needs;
  • Improve product marketability and profitability by identifying and capitalizing the new market opportunities;
  • Analyze the customers’ feedbacks to improve product functionalities and applications;
  • Sustain rapport with key accounts and explore specific needs;
  • Search for new opportunities.

For this position, an individual should have at least five years of security product marketing or sales experience. Experience earned in startup companies is desirable. Experience in sales advertisement designs (e.g., videos) in software system product sales. Bachelor's Degree (B.S./B.A.) in business administration, sales, marketing, or related field. Excellent speech and communication skills are critical.

Position Title: Software Research Scientist

Research and develop NXdrive software system. Design and develop software products corresponding to research results. Engage in modeling of software systems at high level and reasoning about their semantics. Design and develop robust, type-safe, thread-safe, high-performance, and fault-tolerant software products, with the use of best practice design patterns and advances in programming language and tools. Design reusable software development platforms including web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Design algorithms for cloud file system, including memory representation and management of file system, the synchronization between memory representation and database representation, and pipeline for each file operation. Design and develop an entire solution for cloud file system, including its web application, mobile application and desktop application.

Must possess a Master's degree in Computer Science plus 24 months experience as a Research Assistant or Software Engineer. Experience must include research experience in software research and development including generic programming, program analyses and optimizations, programming vulnerabilities, and tests. (Employer accepts research experience gained before/during Ph.D. studies.) Technical skill set must include Java, C#, C++ and JavaScript. Must have published research papers/scientific articles in relevant journals or conferences.

Job Location: Louisville, KY
Working conditions: 40+ hours per week.

Submit resume with complete references to: Bin Xie, InfoBeyond Technology, LLC, 320 Whittington Parkway, Suite 117, Louisville, KY 40222. An EOE.

Please contact Bin.Xie@InfoBeyondtech.com for any question.

Position Title: Research Scientist

InfoBeyond is seeking outstanding and enthusiastic researchers to fill out our positions of Research Scientist. By working together, we strive to develop innovative solutions that can create a positive impact on the world. We provide especially attractive benefits for researchers who are highly-skilled in creativity. You are expected to have some of the following background (not necessary all):

Education Requirements:

  • Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in IT related field
  • Research on Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, MIMO, Radar, Spectrum sensing, or Optimization is welcome (Not Required to Meet All)
  • Math background on Learning, Optimization, Statistical Inference, or Cryptography is highly desirable (Not Required to Meet All)

General Requirements:

  • Demonstrated passion and creativity on state-of-art projects, scientific publications, etc. (Please include all your publications in CV)
  • U.S. Permanent resident or U.S citizenship is a plus
  • Exceptional writing skill and excellence in communication
  • C/C++ or network-based program/simulation experience on industry or research projects

Position Title: Software Engineer

InfoBeyond is seeking individuals with a strong passion for innovation to fill our position of Software Engineer. As a Software Engineer you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects in the areas of cybersecurity, big data, wireless/satellite communication - just to name a few. You will work both individually and in a group depending on the scale of the current projects at the time. You are expected to have some of the following background (not necessary all):

Education Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree or higher in IT related field

General Requirements:

  • Excellent in C/C++, Java, Linux, NS-2, Web Services or related programming language
  • Understanding of algorithms which may be described by math to design program modules and ability to effectively implement those algorithms
  • Demonstrated passion in your previous industry or scientific works

Position Title: Business Development/Marketing Specialist

InfoBeyond is growing! We are seeking highly motivated individuals to join our team as a Marketing/Business Development specialist. You will be working to help reach new customers and expand the company’s presence in various markets. You will work on diverse projects touching on several different Marketing skills (Communications, Business Development, and Lead Generation). You are expected to have some of the following background (not necessary all):

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Business (Marketing)
  • Journalism (Minor/Emphasis) is a plus

General Requirements:

  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently
  • Great problem solving skills with a strong desire for career excellence
  • IT background is a plus

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