InfoBeyond featured in Silicon Review’s “Top 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies”

Top 50Silicon Review’s November 2017 Issue included their annual list of the fastest growing technology companies. This year’s members included InfoBeyond Technology LLC for their development of Security Policy Tool to provide critical enhancements to organization’s access control testing processes. In the article CEO and Founder of InfoBeyond, Dr. Bin Xie provides insight into his company's success and his vision for accelerated growth. Check out the abstract below or full article here to learn why InfoBeyond is gaining recognition for cybersecurity innovation.


While cyber-attacks continue to plague businesses and organizations alike, InfoBeyond Technology has set out on a mission to deliver enhancements to how organizations protect their online assets. Providing solutions to the Military, Government, Healthcare, Financial, Security, and other industries, InfoBeyond has operated successfully through its strength in developing new technologies. In 2015, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) awarded InfoBeyond the opportunity to transform their Access Control Policy Test (ACPT) prototype into a true commercial application - Security Policy Tool. InfoBeyond has developed Security Policy Tool to help organizations greatly reduce the current challenges associated with creating, editing, testing, and verifying complex XACML policies. In doing so, organizations can feel confident that their policies are free from errors that could otherwise lead to cyber threats such as data leak, data breach, identity theft, etc. Currently, many organizations do not comprehensively test and verify their access control policies leaving them unprotected from these potential cyber threats. NIST names several common access control flaws such as Privilege Leak, Block Privilege, Rule Conflict, and several others. With Security Policy Tool, organizations can easily identify and correct these access control flaws to ensure they are receiving the level of security that they have intended. Many organizations are not yet aware of the importance of rigorous access control policy testing and verification due to Security Policy Tool being one of the first solutions to meet this need in the market. Especially for businesses and organizations that operate within the Government, Defense, Financial Services, Healthcare, Data Center, IoT, Telecom, and other industries – they would immediately realize the benefit of reassuring that their access control system’s security is as strong as possible. InfoBeyond is continuing to develop rewarding cyber security products with the goal of making the world a better and more secure place. InfoBeyond is developing a new technology called NXdrive (NeXt Drive) a holistic solution for data storage and protection against data breaches. Different from the traditional encrypted file-based data storage approaches, NXdrive stores a data file as a number of fragments enabling truly advanced protection. CEO and Founder, Dr. Bin Xie, works are awarded from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Department of Commerce, and many others. Dr. Xie spent a happy childhood growing up in a mountain village with his grandma (104 years old in 2017). He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the University of Louisville in 2006.  

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