Learn the Ins and Outs of Visitor Screening

Preworkscreen’s visitor screening app is a quick and contactless way to assess visitor’s health for COVID-19 symptoms before or as they enter the building.The following answers how Preworkscreen Visitor Screening system works.

Who can use visitor screens?

  • Screen any user not associated with your company such as a visitor, guests, client, or vendor.
  • Screens visitors at hospitals & doctor’s offices, museums, hotels, concerts, theaters, athletic & entertainment events, schools & camps, retail, restaurants, banks & financial services, and much more.

How can you send visitor screens out?

  • Send out visitor link from your Preworkscreen administrator account by email on your Preworkscreen mobile app or desktop/mobile browser.
  • Display a QR code for visitors to scan with their mobile device to take their health screen.
  • Allow other employees to distribute the visitor link using their desktop/mobile browser or Preworkscreen App.

What does visitor screen reporting look like?

  • Get notified when a visitor submits a non-passing result by email.
  • Filter and download Visitor Screens onto an excel spreadsheet for you own records.
  • Designate another employee to be notified when a visitor submits a non-passing result.

How are visitor screens sold?

  • Affordable pricing for one-time use visitor screen sold in packages.
  • The first 5 visitor health screens a month are free within your administrative account.

To learn more visit: preworkscreen.com/visitors or contact us at [email protected].