InfoBeyond is awarded by DoE to investigate continuous monitoring technology for HPC cybersecurity

Top 50High performance computing (HPC) has been essential to U.S. national security and economic prosperity. However, HPC systems are operating in a distributed and complex networking environment with widespread cyber-intrusions, advanced persistent threats, and insider threats. In order to provide new capability to protect the HPC resources, DoE (Department of Energy) awarded InfoBeyond to investigate continuous monitoring technology namely, HPC-monitoring, to bolster the large-scale HPC security.

InfoBeyond is a high-tech company specializing in Big Data streaming, machine learning, and cybersecurity. This awarded effort of the HPC-monitoring technology resorts to the Big Data in an attempt to transform an otherwise static security control assessment and risk determination process into a dynamic process that provides essential, near real-time security status. Corresponding to such a capability, the cybersecurity administrators could have the real-time and accurate knowledge of their IT security properties, such that appropriate responses to external and internal threats can be made timely. By way of advanced machine learning, it continuously identifies the potential threats, possible attack paths, exploitation likelihood and the impact in real-time. HPC-monitoring specializes a learning model to identify the causal relationship among vulnerability exploitations to derive and update the attack path and exploitation likelihood in real-time. It thus exploits the observed ongoing events to update the attacking knowledge for continuous risk assessment in real-time. HPC-monitoring is designed a distributed system that can adapt to the existing large-scale HPC systems.

InfoBeyond research, develop, and deliver useful tactical and commercial hardware and software products for network communications and cybersecurity. Security policy tool ( is an example that offers robust access control capability for online systems. HPC-monitoring will be targeted for the cybersecurity market of various HPC information systems in the government, enterprise, and organization to perform real-time risk assessment and significantly improve their security situation awareness.