InfoBeyond Selected to Develop a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool to Support Naval Air Warfare Threat Response

In recent years Defense, Enterprise, and Government organizations have increasingly become targets in tactics to disrupt network assets, services, and systems.

As new technologies and capabilities emerge so does new forms of cyber threats. The Department of Energy (DoE) has positioned itself on the forefront of these trends by promoting innovation. The DoE recently awarded InfoBeyond Technology LLC the right to develop a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool (CRAT) to aid in the fight against these evolving threats.

InfoBeyond offers quantitatively and dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for onboard naval systems
Fig.1 - InfoBeyond offers quantitatively and dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for onboard naval systems

This solution provides key value by evaluating the probability of a cyber risk occurring, calculating the impact it would have in a network environment, and determining the appropriate response strategies to prevent the incident. Current risk assessment approaches have many limitations in terms of meeting mission-critical security requirements. They face challenges in delivering results timely, accurately, and automatically. Additionally, current processes rely heavily on the knowledge from subject matter experts, resulting in not only high cost but also significant response delays.

The Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool (CRAT) being developed by InfoBeyond solves these limitations. It provides high-accuracy risk assessments to certify the integrity, availability, confidentiality of information in a system. The evaluation is performed qualitatively such that CRAT ensures repeatable, accurate measurements while also enabling users to see the underlying vulnerability characteristics. Further, given a vulnerability detected in the system, CRAT results will determine the prognosis of the damaging impacts. This solution can be applied in the early system design stage so that optimal security is “built in" during the acquisition lifecycle with less expense. Also, CRAT has rich usability features such as standardization, automation, and user-friendly visualization.

CRAT is being developed to support Naval Air Warfare systems; however, it can also be used for commercial information systems (e.g., network, cloud, and other online systems). CRAT provides cost-effective and automated methods for protecting enterprises’ valuable IT assets from cyber-attacks. CRAT web-based visualization enables security experts to monitor their system anywhere and anytime.

Over the past few years InfoBeyond Technology LLC has gained recognition as an innovator in the cybersecurity industry. As a result, InfoBeyond has worked extensively on various projects developing innovative technologies for Defense, Enterprise, and Government organizations. In addition to CRAT, InfoBeyond has also developed two other solutions NXdrive and Security Policy Tool; solving security challenges in cloud environments and access control systems respectively.

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