InfoBeyond Featured in Insights Success “30 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech 2018”

InfoBeyond offers quantitatively and dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for onboard naval systems

Insights Success’ recent August 2018 issue included their list of the most influential business leaders in the technology industry. This year’s members included InfoBeyond Technology LLC’s CEO/Founder, Dr. Bin Xie for InfoBeyond’s significant business achievements. Security Policy Tool, an access control product, has been broadly acquired by a variety of organizations within the Financial, Healthcare, Defense, and other IT Security industries. This product delivers critical value to IT Security professionals who work with access control in providing a systematic method to test and identify access control vulnerabilities within their complex policies. Organizations that use Security Policy Tool to verify their access control policies are enabled to prevent access control leaks before they happen. Check out the abstract below or full article to learn why InfoBeyond is gaining recognition for cybersecurity innovation.


The foundations of any organization are largely shouldered by the grit and intellect of an efficient leader. Exemplifying these traits of a business leader is Dr. Bin Xie, the CEO and Founder of InfoBeyond Technology LLC. InfoBeyond wields its passion for innovations to provide key enhancements to businesses and organizations around the globe.

Noticeably, a critical challenge concerning access control is preventing unintentional access to online resources, namely, access control holes. As a result of years of dedicated development, Security Policy Tool emerged as a unique tool to close the door to access control leaks. Security Policy Tool has been awarded the 2017 Innovative Security Solution Award at the Big Data and SDN/NFV Summit and also featured as a NIST SBIR Success Story due to its pivotal value for security professionals.

InfoBeyond is also excited to provide innovations using Estreaming, big data graph embedding, fragmentation, moving target defense, cryptography, distributed storage, machine learning, intelligence, and other advanced technologies. NXdrive offers advanced holistic data security for enterprises and personal usages. Data stored online using NXdrive has self-protection capabilities to prevent data breach, ransomware, data destruction, and other cybersecurity attacks.

As its team has grown, InfoBeyond has been consistently taking on business in the form of new customers utilizing groundbreaking products and fostering new partnerships with leading organizations. InfoBeyond has received many accolades with regards to it myriad of disruptive innovations. The company and its products have been recognized as a Top 50 Fastest Growing IT Small Business by Silicon Review in 2017; Innovative Security Solution by IEEE Computer Science Society in 2017; and SBIR Success Story by NIST in 2018.

InfoBeyond is on a fast trajectory toward mainstream adoption of its products and solutions. The company has emerged, and will continue to grow, as one of the world’s leading cybersecurity solution providers. InfoBeyond expects to continue empowering businesses to keep their online assets secure and intact from cyber threats.

You can try InfoBeyond's access control product free now at or by clicking the "Lite Version" button at the top of the page.