Security Policy Tool: Preventing Access Control Leaks; The Story Behind

Access control systems are widely used by organizations to protect company property and online assets. Examples include online services or network access such as an employee viewing company data online. These systems play an essential role in enabling specific individuals/groups to access what is required to do their job while also preventing other individuals/groups from gaining access to what is not relevant to their job... read more

InfoBeyond is awarded by DoE to investigate continuous monitoring technology for HPC cybersecurity

High performance computing (HPC) has been essential to U.S. national security and economic prosperity. However, HPC systems are operating in a distributed and complex networking environment with widespread cyber-intrusions, advanced persistent threats, and insider threats. In order to provide new capability to protect the HPC resources, DoE (Department of Energy) awarded InfoBeyond to investigate continuous monitoring technology namely, HPC-monitoring, to bolster the large-scale HPC security... read more

InfoBeyond featured in Silicon Review’s “Top 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies”

Silicon Review’s November 2017 Issue included their annual list of the fastest growing technology companies. This year’s members included InfoBeyond Technology LLC for their development of Security Policy Tool to provide critical enhancements to organization’s access control testing processes. In the article CEO and Founder of InfoBeyond, Dr. Bin Xie provides insight into his company's success and his vision for accelerated growth... read more

InfoBeyond Technology is Awarded the 2017 Innovative Security Solution Award at the recent Big Data and SDN/NFV Summit

The seventh annual Big Data and SDN/NFV Summit took place from October 12th-14th in Nanjing, China. This year’s event took place in conjunction with the IEEE 5G Summit, resulting in three-days of discussion and demonstration of the recent advancements in areas such as Big Data, Cybersecurity, Secured Defined Network (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Sensors Networks (SSN). At the conference, InfoBeyond delivered a keynote presentation on their access control solution, Security Policy Tool... read more

InfoBeyond is award by Department of Energy to improve perfSONAR-based network anomaly detection

High performance computing (HPC) addresses these computational challenges through the application of parallelization and distribution algorithms or techniques to connected computing units, to perform more complex tasks in a faster manner than a single unit could do alone. For such a purpose, edge computing networks and communications technologies support massive information transmission over significant distance via distributed and networking servers for collaborative computing... read more