Many U.S. states and Canadian provinces require employees to self-certify they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms creating quite the headache for HR and Safety departments forced to collect and store these back to work health assessments.Fortunately, Preworkscreen’s Coronavirus online screening app allows employees to report their health status in a paperless, quick, easy, and safe manner.

Preworkscreen also offers a visitor screening app which is a quick and contactless way to assess visitor’s health for COVID-19 symptoms before or as they enter the building. This guest screening software notifies companies immediately when a visitor is showing symptoms, allowing them to take action and address this health and safety risk to their organization and its employees.

Benefits to Employers

    Collecting and storing your employee's health assessments automatically.
    Keeping you up-to-date with your workforce and visitor's overall health status in real-time.
    Documenting everything you need to show State order compliance.
    Receiving notifications of non-passing results and daily summaries of assessments.
    Scheduling daily email and text reminders to employees with missing assessments.

Benefits to Employees

    Allowing them to efficiently complete screenings at home with an app for Android and IOS devices.
    Keeping them safe with up-to-date and state order compliant symptom screening questionnaires.
    Putting them directly in contact with their company's HR & Safety departments.
    Reminding them to take their assessments via email and text notification.
    Providing them access to their previously submitted health-assessment results.
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