Security Policy Tool

What is access control?

Organizations implement access control systems to protect their online assets from data leaks, data breach, and insider attacks. Security specialists create access control (XACML) policies to define which employees are authorized to take action (e.g. View, Delete, Edit,..) on specific resources (e.g. File A, File B,..). These policies once designed are applied to the organization’s access control system for enforcement. Here, as user access requests occur the access control system will reference the designed XACML policies to determine a decision whether to permit or deny the request.

What are the challenges?

Designing fully accurate access control policies isn’t easy and requires a lot of time and resources. Access control policies may contain thousands of lines of code to adequately cover an organization’s security needs. Due to this, errors are very common and often well-hidden. If a policy containing errors is applied, it could result in the creation of major security holes left open for exploitation. These unexpected leaks can result in serious economic and political consequences (e.g. Edward Snowden, Wikileaks).

Have you tested and verified your access control policies?

InfoBeyond has developed their award-winning solution Security Policy Tool to take this critical challenge head-on. A direct implementation of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-192, Security Policy Tool empowers security specialists to verify that their access control policies are free from errors and flaws easier than ever before. Gain the peace of mind that your organization's assets (e.g. classified data/information, IT applications, services) are truly protected, verify your policies with Security Policy Tool today! Key features include:

    GUI (Graphic User Interface) for policy creation and editing
    Automatically convert, import, and export XACML 2.0/3.0
    Simple testing results presentation for efficient analysis
    Model a hierarchical military/enterprise/organization access control structure
    ABAC, Multilevel, Workflows, Separation of Duty/Conflicts of Interests
    Free XACML Editor