InfoBeyond’s ImageR software provides superior data recovery and image reconstruction functions such that the low quality images can be effectively reconstructed into high quality ones.

Problem: The missing data (e.g., a badly incomplete image) could occur in many cases, due to a number of reasons:

  • Downsampling: Some data is not collected, in accordance with the data downsampling or surveying strategy
  • Un-procured Data: In some scenarios, the data is unable to be procured
  • Corrupted Data: The data could be lost or corrupted during storage (e.g., tapes and videos) and data transportation (e.g., caused by intermittent connectivity in a wireless network). Moreover, the data could be sophisticatedly removed or trimmed in the process of data compression
  • Contaminated Data: The data may be highly distorted or contaminated by some environmental factors.

Figure 1 (a): A downsampling image

Figure 1 (b): The recovery of the downsampling image

In all of these cases, certain capabilities are required to refill the unknown data entries with the knowledge of the partial known dataset. However, can the data be precisely recovered once it has been deemed impossible to restore the actual missing values? ImageR represents a leap on this technology. Figure 1 is an example that illustrates the application on image reconstruction. Figure 1 (a) is an image with high pixel loss that could occur due to any of the above reasons. The image is very obscure and is hard to find the useful information. Figure 1 (b) is the corresponding image reconstructed from the image in Figure 1 (a) by using our developed ImageR technology. Figure 1(b) shows that a number of tiny objects appear clearly. Such a capability is very important and useful in many applications (e.g., Satellite Images, Underwater Images, Sensor Images, Old Images, Astronomy, Old Video and Music).

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