During these trying times, it is important employers keep lines of communication open and flowing to keep their employees in the loop of pertinent information. This is why Preworkscreen first implemented a custom email system where employers can notify their employees with ease. But sometimes these email notifications fall through the cracks as many employees are on the go and not checking their email as regularly as their employer would hope. In fact, only 20% of email messages are open compared to 98% of text according to the experts at Marketing Profs.

Because employees are more likely to see text message notifications, Preworkscreen now offers custom SMS text messaging alerts.

  • Send up to 50 custom, 160 character texts to each employee every month that keep everyone on the same page.
  • Send by department, to certain individuals, or the entire company with ease.
  • You can also send these texts in real time or schedule them for a specific time and day.

These custom texts can be purchased in the employer administrative account under Purchases & Billing for only $.25/employee each month.

Whether you are notifying employees of closed office due to inclement weather or a potential COVID-19 outbreak, Preworkscreen’s custom SMS text message system is a helpful tool to ensure employees are getting the most important, immediate announcements from their employers. To learn more, try the demo or contact [email protected] to do a walkthrough of this feature’s capabilities.