Health screenings are the first line of defense against COVID-19 in the workplace. To ensure your employees, customers, and local community are safe, Preworkscreen has developed a new visitor screening feature available to all new and existing customers. It is a completely contactless and simple way to assess visitor and guest’s health before or as they are entering the location.

These screens are a helpful preventative tool for organizations of all sizes and industries that have outside guests entering their place of work on a daily basis. For example, this feature can screen visitors at hospitals or doctor’s offices, museums, hotels, theaters, concerts, retail, restaurants, bank and financial services, weddings and family gatherings, athletic events, office meetings, car dealerships and mechanics, school visitors, and pre-flight onboarding and much more.

There is no app or download required for the visitor to take the assessment since they can easily access it on their mobile device web browser. It allows companies to conduct contact-free collection of health information from visitors to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spreading at their facilities. Companies can review and manage visitor results in the administrative dashboard under Access Visitor Health Reports. They also can be notified immediately after a visitor submits a failing result via email. This email includes the visitor’s contact info so the company is able to reach out and address the situation in real-time.

Preworkscreen offers the first 5 visitor health screens for free as well as monthly packages for additional one-time use visitor screens available at checkout.

To learn more visit: or contact us at [email protected].