Derock Xie, a Summer Intern at InfoBeyond, successfully challenged Google Foo Bar on August 6 2022. Google Foo Bar challenge is a secret hiring process of Google to recruiting top programmers and developers around the world since 2014. This is a way through which Google provides direct interviews to the individual who cleared the challenge. Derock received Google Foo Bar challenge invitation on July 26 2022 and solved all algorithmic questions from Level 1 to Level 5 in about 10 days only. Congratulations!

When being asked to share his learning experience, Derock said,

I started programming by watching Youtube videos that showed me the fundamentals for what I was trying to create. I had a clear goal for what I wanted to create (it was some discord bot) and I kept following that. Eventually after lots of googling and stackoverflow posts, I was able to create it.
He further stated:
From 2019, I kept creating new bots and programs. Eventually someone offered money for me to create them a bot, and I accepted. From that point I thought, "hey, I can make some money off this."

Google Foo Bar programming questions he faced involves multiple domains of advanced algorithms, such as high dimensional tree, matrix search, blossom algorithm, graph search, cellular automation, dynamic programming, where program efficiency is of paramount importance. Derock is a high school student (15 years old, grade 10) at Kentucky Country Day School and the learned math courses well prepared him to learn and solve these tough questions.

At InfoBeyond, Derock built a GUP cluster with the team in the summer to conduct image deep learning. He investigated the state of art GAN (Generative adversarial networks) and YOLO (You Only Look Once) algorithms and utilized them for industry image classification and object detection to achieve high accuracy and time efficiency to minimize the human intervention during inspection. When he is asked how he will improve your programing in the future, he said:

Going to keep on learning and testing out new tools. I’ve been growing one of my side projects and hopefully can get it to a point where I can learn more about sharding/clustering and load balancing.