From September 25-27th, 2023, InfoBeyond Technology attended NDIA’s Fuze, Future Force Capabilities, and Demilitarization Conference in Huntsville, Alabama. This conference was a great opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate InfoBeyond’s MetalScrap technology to industry experts in demilitarization. MetalScrap is a multi-modal and attention-based artificial intelligence system for automated and accurate metal scrap inspection.

The common practice employed by the U.S. Army currently to ascertain the destruction of energetics in metal scraps is to inspect each metal scrap using two independent inspectors. This human based approach is limited due to the lack of automation, the poor classification accuracy due to lack of visual capabilities, human judgment biased by inspectors, and causes low DEMIL time/cost efficiency.

InfoBeyond’s MetalScrap takes advantage of X-Ray technology, digital imaging, and advanced deep learning algorithms to provide an alternative metal scrap inspection method that is accurate, safe, and time/cost efficient. As a software platform, UI (User Interface) allows inspectors to review, control, and manage the entire metallic scrap inspection process. For example, MetalScrap can increase inspection accuracy by accurately identifying energetic types, locations, amounts, and classifying metal scraps into Material Documented as Safe (MDAS), Material Documented as an Explosive Hazard (MDEH), Material and Material Potentially Possessing Explosive Hazard (MPPEH) in a matter of seconds. It also will reduce the reliance on human inspection which can be inaccurate, timely, biased, and present safety risks.

MetalScrap can be transitioned to the Army JMC, AMC, ARDEC, AMCOM, and Army CCDC Armaments Center for automating and enhancing DEMIL process. The team behind MetalScrap has made several site visits to the Tooele Army Depot to get a better understanding of how the technology can improve current processes. In addition to going on site at the Tooele Army Depot, InfoBeyond Technology's team was able to connect with representatives from the Picatinny Arsenal at the Fuze/FFC/DEMIL conference to demonstrate MetalScrap’s capabilities and have an open discussion on how the technology can solve inspection issues at their location. We plan on continuing these conversations to make sure we tailored the MetalScrap technology to meet their needs.

To learn more about MetalScrap, download the informational brochure to understand its features and capabilities and how it solves major challenges of metal scrap energetic inspection.